Saturday, 29 December 2007

Trip to Wagamon

It was truly a wonderful trip, and we all enjoyed the most. The idea about heading Wagamon on this Boxing Day came after searching a place which is high in altitude and a lesser drive from home. In number we were 18 adults + kids , and we went in a mini Bus ( coz we hate to drive on these kind of trips). It was pretty cold there, but quiet sunny too. Spent most of the time on the great pine forest to beat the sun.

After having food n drinks we headed for the beautiful mountains. We had lot of music moments here. These mountains looks as if its got a clean shave.

And they are truly great place that make our mind relaxed. After spending lot of quality time there we headed back. Kids enjoyed the most hear. This trip was the peak moment of this vacation, and we all enjoyed the most.

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Christmas Time !

Starting a blog can never be on a better time other than Christmas. This vacation time , i feel relaxed to the extend it was for me on my school days. For me the memorable part of my schooling is only about vacations, that come thrize a year (Onam, X,Mas, and the great Summer one). This time am lucky to get 2 weeks leave. that means 2 weeks entirely for me. to see more, to hear more, to feel more, to party, to innovate, :) Today my cousin and his family will join us, which will kick off the proceedings.......... which will continue till new year.