Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Knight mare continues

It's hard to be consistent in cricket, especially in T20 cricket. But KKR is very much doing justice to their position in the points table on each play day. All thought being at the bottom of the table only chance of movement is upward.....but still knight riders finds ways to digg more on to the bottom.

There something seriously wrong. Not only the play bad (dropping atleast 4 catches is their aim) but also they are sooo unlucky. On yesterdays match with Delhi dare devils Gambhir was out cleanly by giving catch to keeper. Whole world saw this....except umpire. Same in the case of their previos match against Kings, Jayawardana was plumbin front at a crucial time...still given not out.

Talking superstitious these all shows is that some evil is in the ship...Who knows may be a voting is needed to remove it. :)