Friday, 27 August 2010

Should we say “I Don't Know” ?

Suppose you are in a meeting and one of your Superior is throwing a observation to all , “The details in RPG report shows we are on the right path”  If you have no clue on what a RPG report is , chances are you may keep quiet , keeping your head steady and hope the leader changes the topic soon. Why should you do that? What if you just raised your hand and asked “I don't know what a RPG report is, Can you please tell us?”
If you have done that the superior will explain it and you will start to see lots of relived faces around.

In to-days world people want to have knowledge about anything and everything about the things around them. I have a friend who is very frank in this regard. Even he notice that all people around him knows about the subject, he will simply ask “What is it? I don't have a clue” Even though he is risking to be a idiot , he is gaining lots of information there. Then only we can improve. Googling for everything will give you answer's, but not the right one.

The problem of faking the knowledge is more risky in the corporate world. Imagine a marketing guy meeting one of the prospective clients for the company and agrees to every thing the client asks. “yes we can do it” , “we will deliver it” etc The company may get the contract , but the end result will be a tot-tally dis satisfied customer and a frustrated company management.

This happens in smallest of matters also, that too among thick friends. I have a friend who bought a new mobile which is the same model as mine. A few months later i happened to check his mobile to call some one, as my phone was low on battery. What i saw in his contact list is, that full off Abbreviated names. Most of them just 3 or of characters, which are very hard to understand, even for him. I first thought all were his girlfriends names which he want to kept secret, but when i asked about it he said that there is some problem with the phone keypad, he cant type non dictionary words, which will come as non readable abbreviations.  The only issue was the T9 dictionary was on, he just need to switch it off while typing.
Why he didn't ask this to me? yes I am sarcastic at times which will keep him at the receiving end. But still it could have helped him a lot in his daily phone usage.

To conclude i will say Truth Doesnt Hurt. You are not expected to know every answer to the world. You should say “I dont know” as a sign of strength. And always remember there are questions in this world which Google cant answer, but a normal human can.

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