Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Can you say “No”?

Can you say  “No”, to the questions or situations that truly deserves a No. In today's world lots of people cant really do this. You should learn at saying No to new commitments. This reduces your stress and reserves time for what’s really important. Remember when your friend ask you join a party ,a  few hours before the party actually starts. You are more likely to join it , ignoring all your other appointments and commitments you made that evening. You are doing this for the sake of friendship. But what you really forget is the promise you have given to your child or to your family for an outing or anything similar.It can also affect the commitment you need on your work.

The very next morning, you may be regretting the moment you decided to go for the party, while thinking over your hangover.Still it happens again. Have you ever noticed 2 year old children? They have the power of saying No. They will say No to anything and everything they seems don't like it. This always give trouble to parents, later they will learn that they can get more fun if you please their parents or elders. So eventually they too will become people pleasers and will get to have trouble saying No.

This happens in office also. If you are a people pleaser or having trouble saying No, you will see all works comes to your way.  And people will make use of this, and might use you heavily to get their work done by you. So whats the solution to the problem? Only solution is to learn to say No. Practice it with out really affecting any-ones feelings. Please share your thoughts on this.



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