Saturday, 29 January 2011

How to use DWR (Direct Web Remoting) with Tapestry

Tapestry do have some excellent Ajax features, but still it is yet to have an efficient Reverse Ajax features which can help us develop very rich UI applications. DWR supports Commet, Polling and Piggyback. It's not straight forward to add DWR support to tapestry. So am listing few important points to remember while adding DWR to your Tapestry project.

Add ontributeIgnoredPathsFilter method to exclude dwr servlet calls from tapestry filters

public static void contributeIgnoredPathsFilter(Configuration configuration)

Add init param activeReverseAjaxEnabled as true in web.xml

The web.xml entry should look like something similar shown below.

On the web page (.tml file) make sure you include the below java scripts

Last ,but not the least....make sure you add dwr.xml to WEB-INF folder and dwr.jar to the WEB-INF/lib folder.

Please let me know, if you still face any issues implementing DWR with Tapestry.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

How to deal with the always dreaded Customer Service?

How may times you felt the urge to throw your phone to the floor when you talk to customer service ? We all used to call or mail or walk in or shout at various customer service points daily. Frustration is the end result of it in more than 90% of cases. So how can we improve this. Am trying to come up with some information which might help you reduce the stress to this.

Prefer the most high tech  way to contact them

All product service or customer service have different ways of contact, like walk-in, telephone, email, online chat, twitterId's, social network pages / communities etc. Go for twitterid  or email  first to grab attention, then to online chat and telephone. Coz normally they tend to answer these cases more than the phone calls they receive or the people who walks-in to their office.

Be very clear to yourself about the question

Try the basics trouble shooting yourself. Like verifying the power code is connected. Or else you only is going to suffer with a not working device for days. If you cannot find the answer to the problem yourself, then only go for the customer care.

Dont be are the boss

Dont be shy to ask questions to the customer care, and feel what will they think if you ask a dump question. You are the one who want the problem to be solved, so go ahead with your thoughts. Yes you are the BOSS !

Say I dont want or I quit your service often

If your credit card company charges you a big annual fees, go ahead and ask them to revert it. If they say no go and tell them that you dont want their card anymore. It's more likely they will rethink their decision. Even if you dont want to to quit the card you still have a chance for not canceling it. This is like walking away from a store after saying a half price to  product. Even if the shopper dont call you back, the item is still up there for grabs for the last price the shopper said. You can still walk in there and take it.

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