Friday, 11 March 2011

India can win the worldcup - just play 10 Batsmen

We have seen our Dhoni and co play in their league games. But nobody is excited about the way they played. Even though they haven't lose a single game yet, the expectations of India winning the cup has come down a lot. May this is a strategy from the team itself to bring the expectations low.

Being Yuvrej the pick of the bowlers we know how our balling department is fairing. Now the situation is that no 300 plus score makes a gurantee of a win. So the batting dept have to score 400 at least for our ailing bowlers to bowl for.How we can take 10 Batsmen in the team...anways batsmen will bowl atleast some where near to the talents of Yuvraj singh.

What you guys think of this? Is there any other way out?

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