Friday, 20 May 2011

Internet Explorer 8 must die

Just wasted hours to find a way to make some thing work for ie8. May be you were wondering whats wrong with Internet Explorer 8, and to talk about it even before IE9 become a hit. Just consider the future of IE

Considering the success of Microsoft’s Windows 7 and that IE8 is the default browser for Win7, we’re gonna have a situation similar to nowadays with IE6. The web will be pulled back by the Internet Explorer once again. Ask any developer, they will say: IE8 is a poor browser in almost every aspect. Even it’s far better than any other version before, compared to modern browsers IE8 performs badly.

We know previously IE6 in such a situation costs a lot of resources in any way. And  it took hell lot of time for the developers of the world to adjust their sites to IE6 cost them a lot.

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Jack McCourt said...

I will run through the streets naked when IE dies... thats how happy it would make me