Sunday, 20 November 2011

Why am a fan of Santhosh Pandit?

Lot's of things are said inside and outside internet about Santhosh Pandit. Yes the new poster boy of internet and cinema. His first movie Krishnanum Radhayum has evoked so much of talk among malayalies. Every one have their own reason to hate or like Santhosh Pandit. Lets accept the fact that we can't just ignore him as a Fad.

 He may not sustain, but might save Malayalam cinema in a different way. Only 3 hit movies in malayalam last year. There are lots of young guys who have lots on skills related to this industry. Santhosh proved that every one can do it themselves..if they strongly believe in them. No super star or super director is required, not  to mention support of AMMA or MACTA.

And about his dialogues in the movie, i feel it's nothing less when you compare to "Savaari giri giri or Mohan thomas uchishtam". If his dialogues were said by a Super star, everybody might have clapped.

Coming to his songs, Rathri Shubha raathri or Maayaavi. If you just hear song by itself, ignoring the video it doesn't feel that bad.

He may be a bad actor, a bad director....but his determination is something you cant just ignore. In a place where crors spend movies still reside in Boxes, he did everything single handly and make sure it reached the theaters... He is NOT a fool, his IQ level seems to be much high than normal people. He knows how to market his movie. He did no wrong because he released a movie in 5 Lakhs budget., but instead he proved that lot of things are possible if you have the determination or will. If any one have time do watch 3 interview videos in the below link ,will get some idea about what he really is.

For me , he is a start-up guy. He believes in his idea and ready to do any job  or take risks to convert his idea in to a product and succeeds in it.



Santhosh Pnadit has been very succesful in his movie. Though the Movie by itself is a bad one He was clever enough to create a hype round it and the movie has been a big hit at box office. Its siad that its the most succesful movie in Malayalam in the year 2010. Big budgets mvies produced by big people in Malayaalm movie industry has flopped badly at box office, This man has something in him to cheer about it!! I am sure he will be the number 1 hero in Malayalam in coming years and he has offer in Malayalam movies in future Jai Hind!!!

Cijo said...

I too like Santhosh Pandit.. coz he just awakened malayalis to criticize bad movies.. They were just sleeping after pick pocket movies of SUPER STARS!!

Ajith George said...

Good to see that there are people out there who really likes Santhosh Pandit.

Junaish said...

I Like the Guy. Nothing wrong in him. N awesome determination Wish I cud talk to him some day