Sunday, 4 December 2011

Mullaperiyar facts - Why a new dam is good for both Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The facts of the Mullaperiyar case is straightforward:

1. The dam was built with an outdated technology. Infact the only existing dam in the world that was built with that technology.

2. The dam is more than 100 years old.

3. The dam is situated in Kerala. The river is situated in kerala.

4. The dam is owned by Kerala. As per an agreement it is operated by Tamil Nadu.

5. The water harnessed through the dam is used exclusively for the benefit of the neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu. Electricity generated through the dam is also consumed exlusively by Tamil Nadu.

6. There has been not a single incident so far in more than 100 years wherein the dam was shut down by Kerala (or erstwhile Travancore) to deny water to the people of the five parches districts of Tamil Nadu.

7. There have been seismic termors recorded in recent times in and around the location of the dam.

8. Experts from IIT Kharaghpur and IIT Delhi have submitted their fears about the degrading strength of the old dam and its increasing vulnerability.

7. If Kerala has not acted irresponsibly so far (if anything, it has acted generously all these years), why must its fears about the safety be dismissed by Tamil Nadu off hand as some diabolical plan to deprive Tamil Nadu of water. Kerala has emphasized time and again that they belive in 'Water for Tamil Nadu,and security for Kerala'.

8. Kerala has stated that Kerala will undertake all expenses to build a new dam at a nearby location BEFORE decommissioning the existing dam. All existing commitment to continue supplying water to Tamil Nadu will continue to be honored.

9. Tamil Nadu maintains that since the dam has not collapsed in over 100 years, it is strong enough, and so Kerala has no business doubting its strenght or building another dam. Any opinion to the contrary is supicious. Any plans of Kerala to question the strengthe of the existing dam MUST be due to SOME hidden agenda of Kerala. 'What if Kerala build a new dam and do not provide TN water?'. 'What if Kerala builds a new dam, and charges us the market rates for water and electricity?' . Too many 'what ifs' from Tamil Nadu. No one of the Tamil Nadu side is waiting to ask themselves, 'Listen may be we shouldnt go by the wild What Ifs flowing in our minds. Maybe we need to ask ourselves, has Kerala turned off the dam before? Has Kerala demanded market rates for the water? How come other neighboring states are charging Tamil Nadu market rates while Kerala has been providing water all these years for free? So why dont we trust our brothers and sisters in Kerala, and take them on their commitment to continue being nice with us? Why can we Tamils not be thankful for the water and understanding of the people of kerala all these years, and agree to repsect their concern for the safety of the people of kerala? If we have suspicions about the intentions of Kerala, despite them being ready to commit to continue offering water to TN exactly as before, why dont we TN people ask Central government for a counter guarantee that we continue to get Water from Kerala exactly as is being done today?'

10. If the dam breaches the calamit with not only wash away a large chunk of kerala into the ocean, it will also destroy the entire dam as it stands today, AND THE AGREEMENT TO distribute the water harnessed through the dam to Tamil Nadu. While TN people and politicians want to stonewall any discussion on building an alternate dam, that new dam may actually be in TN's best interest. Built with modern technology, materials, world class specification, and anit seismic standards, the new dam could last for centuries if not millenia. If nothing is done and the existing dam bursts, Tamil Nadu's hopes of continuing to live off of Kerala's waters, would come to an abrupt end.

11. If the existing dam bursts and a huge humanitarian calamit ensues, the public opinion against a dam would be so strong to begin with. Next, the position hereto adopted by Tamil Nadu people and politicians would be viewed as totoally insensitive, inhuman and thankless by the entire world, and particularly the people of Kerala. Any suggestion to build a new dam over mullaperiyar after the death and destruction of Keralites, would be scoffed at by one all oll, except Tamilians.

12. It is in the best interest of TN, that the people and politicians of Tamil Nadu tone down the rhetoric and meet and match Kerala's goodwill midway. In my opinion it is extremely kind of Kerala to volunteer to take the entire bill for the new dam. Ideally, TN should step us and be willing to foot half the expenses. It may be a good idea for TN to foot the entire bill for the new dam, as a token gesture to acknowledge and thank the goodwill of Kerala to allow Tamil Nadu the exlusive use of Kerala's waters through the dam at Mullaperiyar.



JVirumbi said...

Thanks You brothers for all the water & mercy you have shown. 700 crore is no big deal and definitely TN go ahead and come out with a proposal in which govt of kerala and India promises TN that ALL its existing rights and quantum of water will continue in the proposed new dam.

Anonymous said...

It is near Psychosis. If the dam is really in such condition, you will not be sitting and blogging in internet. Rather everyone would have ran away by this time.
Dams is an engineering output. So plz substantiate your claim with engineering data. (Not Achuthananthan’s “kuda kambi” technology, plz)
Kerala tried in vain all tricks from 1947 to take control of the dam/water and keep Tamil Nadu at its mercy for ever and ensure a sustained supply of veggie, meat, milk, grains,..
Now after the failure of grand Iduki dam (which is 10 times larger than Mllaperiyar dam; won’t it break in earthquake ?) to gather enough water, Kerala turned its eyes on Mullaperiyar. Iduki is generating only 200MW of electricity only, against the planned 1000MW. So somehow Kerala wants to reduce the water to Mullaperiayar dam and divert that to Iduki damn. That’s it.
Anyway, enough fear is injected in people’s brain. So you won’t stop until it is demolished. But you can not do it without Tamil Nadu’s permission. So what is the proposal for Tamil nadu’s right of water and how would you prove that there is no dirty trick in this whole episode ? Would Kerala and central govt together would promise to TN that all its current rights will be provided on the proposed new dam as well ???