Thursday, 22 December 2011

Why Kerala UDF should leave Congress?

We people in Kerala is now in a special situation. We have same ruling party in State and National level. Even the Defense ministry is  headed by our own defense minister. But still we find it hard to get anything  done in favor of Kerala always. Why? because Kerala looses out in the new coalition politics game. For the last one and half decade we are seeing only coalition politics. and it's here to stay. So whoever we choose to be on power , be it Communists , BJP or Congress we will end up in same old situation. That is why Mullaperiyar issue is still ignored by UPA.

Whats the solution?
We should be a regional party always. Be it Congress, be it CPIM, be it BJP. We should just be a regional party who supports respective central party's in the center.

What UDF in Kerala can do now? 
We Keralites are now pleading in-front of UPA and Tamil Nadu. No Water for Tamil Nadu and safety slogans are working anymore. Leave from UPA. Yes all UDF Kerala MP's can resign their posts, if they really care for the people  to find us a solution for Mullaperiyar. Form a new party...say Kairali congress, face the election.

We don't want anymore tricks or fake dialogues from you people. If you really care our issue's just do it.

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