Monday, 6 May 2013

How to Increase Laptop Speaker Volume

Generally the speakers on laptop computers are usually not very loud.
Most consumer laptops are having this trouble.
This doesn’t mean nothing can do about it.
There are ways for you to increase the volume of your laptop a little more.

Most people use VLC player to play movies in laptops. VLC is the best player for laptops.
It is lightweight, portable, and can play almost any media format even videos downloaded
from Youtube.

You can increase the volume in your VLC player to 400% of its actual volume.

Hold CTRL+ and Keep Pressing the [UP] Key on your Keyboard.
You would see an image on the top right corner of your VLC player
The image would increase from 100% to 200% then to… 400% and increase the volume on your player.
This is quite enough to increase the laptop’s volume to the max.

Alternate Way
Cheap external USB speakers available in the market.
Buy one so that you can carry it easily in the laptop bag.
These cost around 1200 or less.

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