Saturday, 13 July 2013

Why one should stay away from CCAvenue payment gateway?

Our recent experience in working with CCAvenue made me say this statement. Following are the reasons.

No sandbox testing

There is no way we can test the stuff in a test environment.  In their Integration kit doc it says they will white-list an IP for 15 days for testing. But when requested for it they say test it in production. Is it the way you test code?

Buggy code in integration kit

The integration kit they provide have java, jsp sample code which will not work.  The files was dated year 2012, so the bug was there for long time. So many people might have reported it, but didn't bother to correct.

It takes ages to setup an account end to end

Its been 5 months, yet the entire account activation process is not complete. That is getting money your clients payed to the gateway to your account.

Adding one more website is so tough
Say you have one CCAvenue gateway active and you want to enable gateay to your second website. Then the process you need to follow much of the same as getting it done for the first time. Will take more than 5 months.

Dummy cards with no real use
They have given dummy card details for testing the gateway. When you try to use it it will say max transaction per day is 5, So you cant do any more testing today.

So guys stay away from CCAvenue, if not be ready for a tough ride.